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Adventurers, Dreamers & Overachievers

The new album 'Experiences of Adventurers, Dreamers and Overachievers' from Grammy recognized Hip Hop MC/Pianist Q Dot is a story about finding home, set in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. Beyond the album, A/D/O apparel is all about taking a piece of the outdoors with you everywhere you go and making a difference while you do it. A portion of the proceeds generated from the album will go towards getting as many youth as possible in to the outdoors.

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Comfortable & Stylish

Lightweight, breathable and comfortable. The ADO bear logo tees and tanks are a great fit for your next outdoor excursion or trip to see your favorite band in a packed music hall.   



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Coffee built for camping

We're excited to have partnered with our friends over at Anthem Coffee & Tea to create this blend of some of the oldest known coffee beans in the world. Originating in East Africa, our A/D/O blend brews up the aroma of pine trees with notes of PB&J making it a great kickstart whether you're enjoying it around the fire pit or in your living room. 


About the album

Experiences of Adventurers, Dreamers and Overachievers is about the journey to find home, set in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. The story unfolds through 4 different chapters and details how one man overcomes the one thing we all struggle with: Human nature.

ADO cover.jpg

The front cover

This photo was taken back in 2015 at Lake Cle Elum in central Washington State. Wildfires were active roughly 100 miles away and the lake had been sucked dry to help fight the fires and what we see is the sun peeking over the hills surrounding a dried lake bed. The haze in the sky from the wildfires put a natural filter over the photo. Photo Credit: Q Dot

CD back 5 by 5.jpg

The back cover

Taken at Cape disappointment in Ilwaco, Washington in 2018, this photo is of a small cave just to the side of the main tourist beach but is often hidden from view. The cave is only accessible when the tide is out, the water in this cave is crystal clear but levels rise fast, making it hard to access even with the tide is out. Photo Credit: Q Dot

ADO Bear logo.jpg

The A/D/O bear & trees

The bear with trees image featured on much of the A/D/O apparel was painted by a local Northwest artist and was gifted as a house warming present. After spending months trying to find the perfect image to represent the Adventurers, Dreamers and Overachievers brand, the answer was sitting on the mantle in our living room. Support local artists!