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The story

Nothing quite epitomizes the Pacific Northwest like beautiful outdoor adventures, epic music, remarkable coffee and a deep passion for innovation + independence. Adventurers, Dreamers and Overachievers is the brand that exemplifies this in the most authentic way possible not because it's a lifestyle we chose but because it's the way of life we're brought up in.

The origins of A/D/O can be traced back to hearing my family stories about grand fishing trips and family campouts in the mountains of Alaska back in the 70s and early 80s before I was born, but it was a week long visit in 6th grade to Camp Waskowitz in North Bend, WA that got this whole thing rolling. The outdoor school adventure served as an opportunity for me and my friends to make new friends, sing songs and enjoy nature. It was such a profound experience and made such an impact that any kid who went to Waskowitz remembers the tears shed when we loaded up the buses to go home on Friday. Between that and going back to outdoor school as a high school leader several times, my friends and I would take some huge strides in pursuing our music dreams and many of us have gone on to have successful careers in and outside of the mainstream space. Which leads us here: Experiences of Adventurers, Dreamers & Overachievers was released August 2018 and debuted on iTunes Top 200 and Amazon Music Top 25 with a partnership with Anthem Coffee & Tea to release a coffee that bears the name of the brand. 

A/D/O at its core is a PNW inspired outdoor + music brand but the DNA is made up of people thriving in places they're not typically associated with and if you've been keeping score so far, we have a family of African-Americans in Alaska - 30+ years ago camping, fishing and hunting, we have a group of guys from Federal Way, WA quietly cutting out successful careers in the music industry and we have a hip hop album with a coffee. This is what A/D/O is all about and we're happy to be here.  


Our Mission


Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Tell great stories, share great music and get people into the outdoors that haven't experienced it - especially disadvantaged youths. 

The Problems We Aim To Address

Even reputable news outlets are filling our timelines with doomsday stories, even with the promise of a 'level-playing field' that came with the streaming services, the majority of music being consumed is just as much corporate owned as it was before Napster and let's face it the outdoors isn't the most diverse place you can visit. While we can't change the world overnight, we can encourage people to share some good news, enjoy some talented artists and do it all around a blazing campfire after a nice hike.