Peer reviewed music!

Hey guys it's Q. As a DIY artist, reviews are monumental and without question when you can get the feedback of your peers it means something. Something more than if some random blogger in their studio apartment who's never picked up a microphone started spewing off critiques. Artist to artist reviews are the scariest because they know the game. They know the work it takes and they can be honest about everything whether it's positive or negative. My boy Kev, who is also a seasoned vet in the music game and nephew of the legendary funk pioneer George Clinton took the time to listen to this long ass CD I made and gave me the following words. 

There have been many albums and songs in this world that have inspired creativity. I could not express to you the reader enough how this album is one of those that will inspire many. Upon first listen of Q’s new album I was on a short trip to Spokane, WA with my wife. As I was listening I started to realize what this album was, this was Q’s memoir, a culmination of life experiences and retrospective thinking.

The ability to think retrospectively about hypothetical future events proves to be Q’s greatest strength, along with the ability to paint the most vivid of pictures for his listeners. February 6th is one of the most powerful songs on the album hands down don’t even @ me about it. The track tells the story of the day Q and his 3 children were in a near fatal car accident. While listening to this I couldn’t help but tear up and become somewhat emotional listening to a father describe the accident that could have very well taken the lives of he and his children. Q has remained consistent in his talent and his creativity which I think is actual genius, Q has definitely #Elevated his game on this album.

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